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Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

— Peter Drucker

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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Veteran Industry Consultant Preston Herrin Joins WhatTheyThink|Printing News

Preston Herrin—strategy, growth, and performance consultant—will share his insights with readers of WhatTheyThink magazine. Preston has served in C-level and senior leadership roles at fast-growth companies like 4over LLC, Café Press, and Drummond, and in his 30-year career, his roles have spanned strategy, business development, and executive management. In October 2020, he founded the Herrin Consulting Group (HCG) to help clients identify, activate, and commercialize new strategies, growth channels, and markets.

Preston’s primary editorial focus is helping print businesses become more “agile” with a monthly series that will build out five basic points and strategies for becoming more agile. “We needed more agility in businesses before the pandemic, now business agility had become an imperative.” he said. A major inspiration for the series was repeatedly hearing about “the new normal.” “Especially in our industry, in print, nothing’s been normal for as long as I’ve been in the industry. It’s not a ‘new normal’ we need, it’s ‘new agility."


Over the course of his career, Preston worked for companies at both ends of the agility spectrum: those that were eager to adopt and adapt as the times changed, especially in the areas of automation and ecommerce—and those that were highly resistant to change.

A lot of the topics that Preston will be covering in his series come up daily in his consulting work, with a strong management focus. “I’m convinced the pace of change and the pace of technology will continue to create opportunity for agile businesses.” he said. “The change is happening so fast, compounded by the pandemic, that leaders are getting caught-up in working ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ the business. There are some vital, practical approaches leaders can take to be prepared for the future, which is why I’m writing the series.”

Preston’s articles began appearing in the September 2020 print edition.

About WhatTheyThink

WhatTheyThink is the printing and publishing industry's leading media organization, offering a wide range of publications that deliver unbiased, real-time market intelligence, industry news, economic and trend analysis, peer-to-peer communication, and special reports on emerging technology and critical events. Special interest sections include Economics, Wide-Format & Signage, Labels & Packaging, Software, Print Finishing, Textiles, and Industrial Print.  WhatTheyThink hosts webinars and live events as well as providing content through a syndication program, delivering content directly to related websites. In addition, WhatTheyThink offers a wide range of lead generation and branding programs that help print- and publishing-related companies achieve business growth. For more information about partnering with WhatTheyThink, contact Eric Vessels at email:, Kelley Holmes at email or Paul Zimmerman at  


Proven Industry Executive Will Play Essential Role in Strategic Growth and Business Development


Drummond Press Appoints Preston Herrin to Chief Commercial Officer

Drummond, a print and digital communication services company that delivers consistent and cost effective brand representation for the retail, manufacturing, and distribution sectors, announced today that it has named Preston Herrin as Chief Commercial Officer. Mr. Herrin has over 27 years of sales and sales management success, supported by broad experience in organizational leadership, strategic planning and acquisitions, e-business marketplace and SaaS technologies, marketing, budgeting, and P&L management. 


“We are very excited to have Preston Herrin lead all aspects of our revenue performance," said John Falconetti, Drummond’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "As we continue to drive growth for the organization, both organically and through acquisitions, the background and experience that Preston brings to the company will absolutely accelerate our performance.”

Mr. Herrin has led transformational growth at some of the industry’s most recognizable brands, most recently serving as the Vice President, Sales and Marketing at 4over, Inc., where he delivered strong double-digit growth each year during his four-year tenure with the organization. In addition to leading organic growth, Herrin was also key to the integration of several successful acquisitions. Prior to joining 4over, Herrin spent more than 20 years with The Standard Register Company. While there, he was recognized with numerous sales and management awards.

“I am thrilled to join the Drummond team at such an exciting time. The investments the company has made in people, technology, sales methodology, marketing, and lean six sigma have already begun to pay off.” said Herrin, adding “Drummond is a company on the move! I look forward to the teamwork ahead and the opportunity to build on a foundation of customer and organizational excellence.”

Mr. Herrin earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from Bob Jones University. He and his wife Karen will relocate to Atlanta, where he will work from the Drummond, Atlanta facility.

What They Think/ Printing News

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA Monday, April 22, 2013

4over Hires Preston Herrin as VP of Sales and Marketing

4over is thrilled to welcome the new VP of Sales and Marketing, Preston A. Herrin, to the team!  The company is undergoing some exciting changes, and as an accomplished executive with a proven talent for building high-performance teams, Preston has been brought in to spearhead the process.

From very early on in his career, Preston has been acknowledged as a highly effective strategic leader.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from /Bob Jones University/, Preston went on to spend more than 20 years with /Standard Register Company/.  While there, he was recognized as one of the youngest multi-million dollar producers in the company at age 25 and was also awarded 2000 Manager of the Year across the entire Strategic Accounts organization.

As VP of Business Development at /CafePress/ more recently, Preston was selected by the executive team to lead sales consolidation efforts following the company’s acquisition of /EZPrints/.  He is respected for being an enthusiastic professional with a solid understanding of a diverse range of business management applications.

4over has a reputation for deploying technologies that simplify the complex print supply chain.  It’s one of the company’s most unique attributes and I am confident that while working alongside this first-rate team, we can create a company that is unstoppable,” says Herrin.  We’re proud to be collaborating with him and are looking forward to a bright future for 4over.

This certificate from Gallup University is not a press release but worth lifting up from the archives of Preston's achievements. Preston consistently embodies the following qualities of leadership. So for inspiration to all leaders, here is a reprint.

Gallup Univrsity Certificate

Oct, 2003

Great Manager Program. 
Gallup University.

Preston, you are a leader who cares. Your commitment to your clients and to your co-workers is immense. Your desire to see your partners flourish leads you to continually put your own needs second so you can help them. If you were to stop and look around you, I am sure you would see many people who would not be there had it not been for your efforts.


Your team does not just benefit from your hard work, they benefit from your perceptions. You are an excellent listener who takes the time to understand the situation before you make recommendations. As a result, your suggestions are well thought out and include insights that others would have missed had it not been for you.


Finally, you have great instincts. You have the ability to assess a situation and intuitively know the right path to take. You may wait to share these insights until you have proof but rarely does your final conclusion differ from your initial thoughts. Preston, your selflessness, and your judgment, and your unique talents are invaluable to your team.

— Alice Gold
October 2003

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